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Big Data Search and Business Intelligence Platform

Big Data Search and Business Intelligence Platform

The promise of Big Data is that amazing things happen when we can analyze all our data, unstructured and structured, without limits to the volume, velocity, variety, or complexity of data we can link and analyze.  The Big Data Search and Business Intelligence Platform (BDBIP) created by BMF Services. delivers on this promise.  With BDBIP we can:

  • interactively analyze both unstructured and structured data in a seamless interface powered by BMF patent-pending search & BI innovations
  • find insights in mountains of heterogeneous data and perform best-in-class unstructured information analysis via faceted search
  • side-step the DBA or map-reduce middle-men and the ETL or batch processing delays by defining our own data sets using powerful ad-hoc search queries on the raw data
  • understand the meaning behind the numbers and perform best-in-class structured information analysis via drag-n-drop report builder and interactive visualizations
  • roll-up, drill-down, slice-and-dice, and pivot.

BDSBIP Services our best practices developed in over one hundred Enterprise Search projects.  We like software that removes limitations, so BDSBIP is:

  • built for mobile
  • highly interactive using AJAX & HTML5
  • cross-browser compliant for Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and IE
  • easy to deploy
  • fully customizable via component-based extension or web services layer