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Tools & Technologies for Content Management & Search

Unified Search Platform – Simplify the presentation of search results across multiple data sources with this flexible search user interface that works with all of the major Enterprise Search Engines such as IDOL, Solr, Google Search Appliance, MarkLogic and Ultraseek.

ContentMARK™ for MarkLogic – ContentMARK™ is an application development framework targeted for use in creating custom web-based systems on MarkLogic platforms.

Search Indexing Listener for Vignette – Index content immediately as it is published with this Vignette event listener that can be used to integrate any search engine with Vignette Content Management.

Developer Utilities for Vignette Installations – Speed VCM/DPM/VAP site setup and improve site maintenance with our tools for content migration, manifest building, component copying, associating & cleaning channel templates and more.